Private Beachfront Thai Ayudhya Villas – Discover the Beautiful Life.

Private Beachfront Thai Ayudhya Villas – Discover the Beautiful Life.

Sasitara are currently developing a collection of Thai Ayudhya style villas on the beach of Baan Plai Laem, near Big Buddha temple on Koh Samui. The villas will be authentically Thai teak wood, made from building to furnishing, and will represent a unique accommodation experience for visitors to this tropical island in the south of Thailand.

The Lost Thai Kingdom

Ayudhya city is the capital of Ayutthaya province in Thailand. The city was founded in 1350 by King U-Thong and became capital of his kingdom. The king came to escape smallpox outbreak in Lop Buri. Often referred to as the Ayutthaya kingdom or Siam, Ayudhya was named after the city of Ayodhya in India, the birthplace of Rama in the Ramayana (Thai, Ramakien). In 1767 the city was destroyed by the Burmese army, and the ruins of the old city now form the Ayudhya, or Ayutthaya historical park, which is recognized internationally as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sasitara have gathered a team of experts to transport and assemble these historic buildings – some of which are over 50 years old and has selected an area of land rich in coconut tree flora, wide open sea views, and a through running canal of exquisite charm. The location is framed by the twelve foot statue of the Buddha in the distance, and the collection of neighbouring temples and statues, making this the center point of Thai Buddhist culture on Koh Samui.

Unique Accommodation

Under the expert management of Sasitara, with 24 hour CCTV security, ease of access and a perfect beach front location, these villas represent a special accommodation experience not to be found anywhere else in the world.

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Baan Plai Laem is located next to Big Buddha – Bang Rak beach, a bay of tranquil waters and plentiful entertainment. Shuttle buses to and from the airport take around ten minutes.
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